Client: Black Rock City LLC (Burning Man)

Location: Black Rock City, Nevada, U.S.A.

Dates: 25th August – 3rd September 2014

Description: The Hayam Sun Temple is a temporary installation that was constructed at the Burning Man event, 2014.

Erupting flowers of perforated plywood are joined together to form a striking curvilinear structure, reminiscent of muqarnas and moucharaby but stripped back to the pure essential fretwork and form. Enamels, glazes and precious metals are replaced by the gold of scattered light filtering through the delicate filigree of the screens. The treasures are not material things, they are spiritual. A place of illumination, intended for contemplation.

The tessellated temple is the result of a year-long study, exploring the mystique and magic of Moorish architecture and researching the refined geometry and pattern of the Alhambra and the Alcazars. The Hayam embodies the spirit of Islamic geometry: intricately interwoven patterns and repeating themes that speak of infinity. Geometry is the language of the universe; in the very small the infinite can be found.